Dignify Therapeutics

Our Strategy

Clinical Focus

Loss of voluntary control over bladder and bowel function as a result of spinal cord injury (SCI) or neurological conditions has a profound impact on the mental and physical health and quality of life of individuals.  Urinary retention as a result of SCI or neurological conditions is irreversible and can be life threatening.  Consequently, many people with neurological conditions catheterize multiple times daily to empty their bladder.  Bladder catheter use can be associated with an increased incidence of health problems, predominately repeated urinary tract infections and hospitalization.

Many other diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and stroke, can lead to difficulties with excretory processes. Providing alternative treatments that help improve the quality of life for both individuals as well as their caregivers is the driving force behind Dignify Therapeutics.

Our Strategy

Dignify Therapeutics is a virtual drug development company focused on restoring voluntary control of excretory function to neurologically-impaired people.  We operate as a lean, efficient organization with an aggressive approach to drug development.  Our relationships with key opinion leaders in urology and gastroenterology provide access to the best individual care and clinical research centers in the world. This allows a fast, flexible and state-of-the-art clinical approach that will result in delivery of desperately needed new treatments to the market.

The Company is conducting all preclinical and clinical development activities for DTI-100 and three follow-on programs through Phase II proof-of-concept studies.  At that point we will consider out-licensing our programs to partners for further clinical development and commercialization.  Funding for our programs involves a combination of government and foundation grants, corporate loans, and equity financing.

The Company is developing a patent portfolio that covers our lead development program, DTI-100, as well as three follow-on programs to treat bladder and bowel disorders.  Dignify Therapeutics uses a “repositioning strategy” for drug discovery and clinical development (see Dr. Thor’s publication on repositioning published in Nature: Drug Discovery) .  We have succesfully applied this strategy to put 2 urology drugs on the market in Europe that are the first ever therapies approved for their respective indications.Through a combination of a strong intellectual property estate and an aggressive clinical development approach, Dignify Therapeutics will deliver new treatments while building value for the Company.